Refurbished online ups Emerson


  • Model: ITA
  • Brand: Emerson
  • Capacity: 20KVA
  • DC Volt: 382
  • Phase: 3 Phase In / 3 Phase Out
  • Condition: Refurbished


Refurbished  online ups Emerson

Liebert ITA is a full-featured transformer free scalable UPS designed to oer compact, eicient and
reliable power to power-thirsty modern electronic gadgets

It features a double-conversion online design that ensures continuous high quality
power even when the main AC power fails. Refurbished online ups Emerson ups
Liebert ITA achieves up to 94.5% eiciency in double conversion mode and up to
98.5% in ECO mode ensuring eective load protection while reducing the total cost
of ownership (TCO) and environmental impact


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