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Optimize Your Power with Refurbished IGBT Module 145A 600V

Original price was: ₹1,200.00.Current price is: ₹950.00.

Product Technical Specifications


Specification Detail
Voltage (V) 600
Current (A) 145
Packaging Tray
Mounting Screw
Pin Count 7

Refurbished IGBT Module 145A 600V

Welcome to Refurbished UPS Spare, your reliable source for top-quality, refurbished UPS spares. Our Refurbished IGBT Module 145A 600V stands as a beacon of our dedication to providing advanced power solutions that enhance both efficiency and reliability.

Empowering Systems with Refurbished IGBT Module 145A 600V

The Refurbished IGBT Module 145A 600V for sale is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Designed for high performance in demanding applications, this IGBT module is perfect for UPS systems, motor drives, and renewable energy converters. Refurbished to meet stringent quality standards, it offers an ideal combination of high power handling and efficiency.

By choosing our refurbished IGBT modules, you not only ensure the optimal performance of your power systems but also contribute to environmental sustainability by extending the life of existing components.

Key Features of the Refurbished IGBT Module 145A 600V

  • High Power Handling: Capable of managing 145A at 600V, ideal for robust applications.
  • Energy Efficiency: Engineered to reduce power loss and enhance overall system efficiency.
  • Reliability: Each module is thoroughly tested to ensure dependable performance under various conditions.
  • Economical: Offers significant cost savings compared to new modules, without compromising quality.

The Refurbished UPS Spare Advantage

At Refurbished UPS Spare, we leverage our extensive expertise to meet your power management needs. With a comprehensive inventory that includes all brand model UPS systems, we are equipped to provide solutions that ensure the continuity and reliability of your operations. The Refurbished IGBT Module 145A 600V is a prime example of our dedication to offering high-quality, sustainable solutions.


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