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Refurbished IGBT Module 300A 1200V – Optimize Your Power

Original price was: ₹2,200.00.Current price is: ₹1,800.00.

Product Technical Specifications: IGBT Module 300A 1200V 

Specification Details
Voltage (V) 1200
Current (A) 300
Packaging Tray
Mounting Screw
Pin Count

Refurbished IGBT Module 300A 1200V – Optimize Your Power Solutions”

Refurbished UPS Spare, is your trusted provider of high-quality, refurbished UPS components. Specializing in the IGBT Module 1200V 300A, we offer state-of-the-art power solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Unleashing the Power of Refurbished IGBT Module 300A 1200V

The IGBT Module 1200V 300A for sale is a pinnacle of power semiconductor technology, designed to efficiently manage and convert high voltage and current in various applications. This module is essential for high efficiency, reliability, and performance systems, such as UPS systems, renewable energy converters, and motor drives.

Refurbished to perfection, each IGBT Module 1200V 300A undergoes a rigorous testing and quality assurance process, ensuring it meets or exceeds original specifications. By choosing our refurbished IGBT modules, you’re not only getting a product that delivers exceptional performance but also contributing to environmental sustainability by extending the lifespan of existing components.

Key Features of the Refurbished IGBT Module 300A 1200V

  • High Voltage and Current Handling: Rated for 1200V and 300A, ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Efficient Power Conversion: Minimizes power loss, ensuring optimal efficiency.
  • Robust Design: Engineered for reliability and longevity in challenging conditions.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for UPS, motor control, and renewable energy systems.

The Refurbished IGBT Module Advantage

At Refurbished UPS Spare, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our vast inventory includes all brand model UPS systems, allowing us to cater to a wide range of power management needs. The IGBT Module 1200V 300A exemplifies our dedication to providing high-quality, reliable solutions that drive performance and value.


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